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Nobukazu society activity

With the Nobukazu society

The Nobukazu society is the name of the party for employees by the employee.
A secretary, a chairperson elected by an employee plan an activity for the purpose of the friendship between employees and carry it out.
In addition, I pay a rule amount of money to the congratulations or condolence of the employee as all the employees.

Activity report


Event of the 75th anniversary of the foundation

Souvenir of the 75th anniversary
I celebrated the 75th anniversary of the foundation memory and had you hand all employees the bread of the boom and a red-and-white steamed bun more directly than a president recently.

2019 year-end party

I performed a year-end party of 2019 in Meitetsu Toyota hotels.

2019 new employee reception

I performed a new employee reception of 2019 in Kobeya.

Event of the 74th anniversary of the foundation

I had a Zen meditation experience and Buddhist cuisine in Shizuoka direction temple by an event of the 74th anniversary of the foundation.
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