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Company profile

Representative greetings

 President Takashi Teshigawara
 We found a woodworking plant in Nagoya-shi in 1915 (Taisho 4), and start; in technical advancement,
I tried for manufacturing.
I produce in particular the industrial model and parts conveyance container mainly on the car connection.
For the product which was always asked for as for us to hear needs
I will try to lead to new suggestion.
I will be devoted in future in Nisshin (nichishin) tsukiho to be able to measure up to your expectation.

Our feelings

1.I send high-quality relief, security!
2.A short deadline! I cope regardless of quantity quickly!
3.Low cost! I help with a cost cut!
kabushikikaishanichishin aimed at the high-quality short deadline, low cost since its formation, and a customer gave trust to me. I will try to be able to be satisfied with a customer by being particular about a product of one one in future.
Four business domains
 ① It is an inspection jig from the trial product for the performance evaluation
 ② The product load look exclusive palette manufacturer which inspects it, and suggests the most suitable packing
 ③ I design the neighboring facilities which are necessary for yard distribution and produce it
 ④ Maker specialized in a big game press die-casting model

Company profile

Company name
Nissin Co., Ltd.
The location
[the head office]
〒473-0934 Maebayashicho, Toyota-shi, Aichi rice paid as a tax 26
〒024-0051 Aisaricho, Kitakami-shi, Iwate Yamada 2-18 northing office plaza 206
Phone number
FAX number
President Takashi Teshigawara
The establishment date
February 25, 1946
30 million yen
Duties contents
[trial manufacture section]
 Overall model for the industry (aerodynamics evaluation model
 Parts (vacuum note form product, EPP cutting product, powdery molding product) for the trial manufacture examination
 Jig (inspection jig)
 CAD data maintenance for the press type
[can manufacturing section]
 Steel palette (for the unit product for the resin cast for the big game press product for the conveyance
 The yard distribution cart, shooter rack
[FM section]
 Casting modelling for the press die
The number of employees
62 people
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Kariya Branch/Bank of Nagoya Chiryu Branch/Aichi Bank Toyota Nanshi shop
Main business partners
Toyota Motor Corporation, TOYOTA MOTOR EAST JAPAN, Toyota Motor Corporation Kyushu company, Toyota Auto Body Co.,Ltd., Toyota Industries Corp., HINO MOTORS, Gifu Auto Body, AGC, Chugai, IBIDEN resin, FUJI SEIKO, TB distribution service, hotsu machinery, Japanese technical service, toyotakasutamaijingu & diberoppumento, SEIREN, Kyn technical center, epoch moulding, Tokai parts industry, ace industry, cough so, Taiho spirit machine, almighty industry, Takemi delicate work,
※Random order

Company history

1915 1915
I found a woodworking plant in Jiro Teshigawara next, the Nagoya city and start
1926 1926
I produce a grasshopper plane gear by Toyoda Automatic Loom Works office work
1933 1933
A casting shoe tree engages in Motor Vehicles Department establishment in a weaving machine
1937 1937
It is a shoe tree factory mechanic long duty in Toyota Motor Corporation establishment
1946 1946
Joint-stock company Nisshin woodworking plant establishment Jiro Teshigawara next appointment
1951 1951
The factory enlargement of Shinmeicho, Kariya-shi
1962 1962
The meeting start enrollment (all 16 members) full of spirits of the Toyota Motor Corporation cooperation society
President casting model start Teshigawara justice appointment for the press type
1966 1966
Steel palette start Yoshiwara factory for the conveyance is new
1974 1974
President Atsuo Teshigawara appointment
1976 1976
Nissin Co., Ltd. company name change
1981 1982
NC processing machine introduction starts in the trial manufacture modelling
1985 1985
I introduce an NC processing machine in the press type casting modelling
1989 1989
CAD/CAD system (Caelum) introduction start
1990 1990
I build a previous forest factory and introduce the electrostatic painting robot
2000 2000
The head office ironsmith factory enlarges a building with Yoshiwara factory sale.
2001 2001
President Takashi Teshigawara appointment
2004 2004
CAD/CAM system (CatiaV5,Solidworks)) introduction start
2005 2005
The ISO14001 certification acquisition
2008 2008
Steel palette buffering material NC processing machine introduction
2010 2010
Mechanism transport system production start
2014 2014
I set up photovoltaic power generation and sell electricity and start
Introduce a low-pressure RIM machine; a casting under vacuum product
2015 2015
I apply for a patent with a mechanism transport system (the no power transport system patent acquisition)
2016 2016
Northeast Office establishment (Kitakami-shi, Iwate)
2017 2017
Non-contact type measuring instrument introduction start
Decoration panel product mass production start
2019 2019
TOYOTA MOTOR EAST JAPAN "prize for technology development" awarding
Double flipper mechanism suggestion adoption of the palette for the conveyance
2020 2020
I display a mock-up made in the company as anniversary business at a skill succession event
I approve of sustainable development target (SDGs) and declare an approach
2021 2021
TOYOTA MOTOR EAST JAPAN "prize for technology development" awarding
Uni-decorative collar lure touch mechanism suggestion adoption (utility model registration) of the palette for the conveyance

Traffic access

An address: 〒 473-0934 Maebayashicho, Toyota-shi, Aichi rice paid as a tax 26
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