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It is trial manufacture-related

Various molding product, cutting product, note type product, kengu, jig and others

Visualization model ①

I perform production correspondence of a various visualization product.
■Polycarbonate (cutting)
■Acrylic (cutting)
■Light molding (heat-resistant 220 degrees Celsius can be accepted)
■Casting under vacuum
I meet a request with - which wants to visually confirm flows such as oil or the air directly.
I suggest a method of construction to a use.

Visualization model ② (I process existing parts and attach "a window"

・To confirm flows such as the oil in the fruit movable state more,
 ①Open "the hole" in the point wanting to see a flow of the oil of mass production parts,
 ②I attach the visualization panel which is heat-resistant (200 degrees Celsius or more)
I performed this.  In this way, I can regard the situation of the oil flowing at a high temperature as a fruit.

Water leak evaluation jig

I inspect the vehicle body and the tally of the glass part, and I evaluate it, and a rain leak carries out experiment that there is not it.
 *Getting out cut of transparent acrylic materials

Super lightweight jig

■ As it is a jig made of aluminum, it is very lightweight (1100 X 1100 X 150Hmm = 4.0 kg)
■ I produce a jig expectation side to a product shape to perform design - production by 3D data.
・The storage of the fragile product of the shape.
・It is for the cooling of the product.
The production line where had - and the dissatisfaction that a jig was heavy so far.

Casting under vacuum product (mass production)

A casting under vacuum method of construction that I cultivated for many years was adopted for a small lot mass production.
■Lexus LS…Interior decoration panel (2017 ...)
I set supply glass at an aluminum type and I cast peripheral - back side and cope. (rubber like)
I am engaged in development under the AGC-like request from a trial manufacture stage and am producing it at an exclusive line.

Casting under vacuum product (trial manufacture)

I perform production correspondence of a various notes form product.
■PP like…Heat-resistant resin-adaptive possibility
■ABS like…Heat-resistant resin-adaptive possibility
■Elastomer (rubber like: hardness 30-90)
The thing which is different in materials of PP like and the elastomer
On earth I can produce a trial product in an "insert note type" thing doing.
The painting (plating), wrinkle reproduction, skin put it, and they are available for the equal no correspondence by a request, too.

Powdery molding product (resin)

I perform production correspondence of a powdery molding product (resin). (molding size: 500 X 500 X 500)
■PA (entering glass beads)
■Rubber like
■6 nylon (entering glass)
※The article more than the molding size performs the adhesion correspondence.
As the big game molding such as a bumper, the instrument panel supports, please refer.

Powdery molding product (metal)

I perform production correspondence of a powdery molding product (metal). (molding size: 300 X 300 X 300)
■Aluminum alloy
■Stainless steel alloy
■marejingu steel
■Nickel-based heat-resistant alloy
※The article more than the molding size performs welding correspondence.

Model for the display①

I knew internal structure with a section model.
I separated each layer by color and it was easy to see even as to visual and did it.
I produced it with a molding product.

Model ② addition for the display

・I separated all parts by color using foaming materials.
 →Production for lightweight/low price.
・Movable with all parts; in being based on that can do it, and is transparent again
 I can see it in detail.

Production addition of materials in the decorative box use

・At first the request (product size / accommodation shape / accommodation number, etc.) of the customer
 Hearing -
・Design → Suggestion → Estimate → Trial manufacture, transportation try → production, the delivery
 I do it.

kakushukengu, jig

I perform production correspondence of kakushukengu, a jig. (processing size: around 1,800*1,000*800)
■Various jigs
I suggest it from production specifications if you can convey a use.
I produce it by the consistency system until CAD,CAM - inspection.

Mock product for the luggage space inspection

When the luggage space cannot inspect heaping up alignment of baggage of the golf back by the CAD at the time of trial manufacture, I produce a full scale model and confirm it.

Design model for various examination

I perform production correspondence of various cutting models.
■Chemical Wood
■MC nylon
■Hard urethane
■EPP blowing agent
I produce the techniques of "the master of shoe tree" more than operation 70 years and the design model that the customer imaged by 5 axis NC processing machine.

Suggestion (I do lightweighting, usability, other various suggestion) of the lightweighting of the blade tool decorative box

I produce reinforcement trial manufacture with 3D printer

I suggest it with "the goods" (trial manufacture).

In making an aluminum baseplate baseplate in comparison with iron construction of 25% was lightweighted.

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